World Class Institutions

Our platform provides institutions with the ability to reach international markets and expand sales channels.

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Recruit Students from across the globe
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International Student Enrollment Solution
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Qualified & diverse students, at scales

Institution Forecasting

The study abroad market is growing every year and expected to increase to 7M students by 2030. We provide institutions with the ability to access global markets and connect with qualified applicants.

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International Student Enrollment Solution

We value the cultural enrichment and history of different country.

You will process applicants from qualified candidates who are seeking institutions that match your profile.

Our platform allows you to process, manage and track applications and connect directly with applicants.

We aim to increase the volume of international applicants and enrollments for your institution, and provide you with data and reporting which will help you improve decision making and increase conversion rates.

Power without the complexity

Apply to different countries , Different Universities , Different courses in a single place.

Protect your brand with customised content about your offering, ensuring your recruiter network is promoting your institution to the right standards.

Improve collaboration with recruitment partners without the high touch cost of 1-on-1 management – reduce travel and day-to-day enquiries.

Save time on data entry: whether it’s to upload your inventory of courses or keep it up to date, we do it all for you.

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Peace of mind, at every stage

Never compromise on quality in search of the right recruitment partner or the right student – scale with confidence.

Reduce fraud with high-quality handling of applications and thorough document verification – reducing time wasted on rejections.

Boost quality applications and improve your chances of being seen by the right talent – we match a student’s qualifications with your courses to find the best match every time.

Financial capability checks are run on every applicant to ensure you don’t have to spend time on students unable to follow through on their enrolment.

Growth & diversity with less effort

We make sure new ideas and stragices in place according to the market needs.

Amplify your brand and be seen by more of the right recruiters and students during the selection process.

Create and deliver highly targeted marketing campaigns to reach recruitment partners in the markets that matter to you most – launch courses, scholarships, exclusive offers.

Scale your partner network quickly, accessing a global marketplace without the need for lengthy onboarding and training.

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